Why Should Pasta be Plain?

Pasta-ArtUsually an easy dinner, where you don’t really feel like cooking, you boil it up… add sauce… then perfect meal.
But why should pasta just be served with sauce? Is your pasta plain? Come see us at the Old Farmer’s Almanac General store where we can jazz up your everyday quick meal to something delicious!
We have your everyday Marinara sauce offered from Stonewall Kitchen, but why not combine that pasta with a Fra Diavalo, Classic Vodka Sauce, or a Butternut Squash sauce topped with a little cinnamon and nutmeg for some added flavor. All is the same, just add sauce, but it gives you more variety than your everyday $2 a jar sauce from your local grocery store. We also have a delicious Cacciatore Sauce and for that simple Italian Flavor, a Roasted Garlic Basil sauce.
Take it one step further, mix it with one of our Stonewall Kitchen Italian Dipping Oil, or Herbes de Provence dipping oils and top it with a little parmesan cheese. Not only would this be delicious that day, but the next day after it is refrigerated you have a delicious pasta salad to take with you to work. It can be enhanced with maybe some chicken or veggies, but is just as delicious as is.
Not only do we offer the additions for your pasta dish, we also have a wide array of pastas from Plentiful Pantry. From Tri-color to Garlic & Herb, to just your simple pasta, we have the flavors your looking for. Stonewall kitchen also offers a few different options like Penne and Fusilloni.
If you’re looking to turn this into a giant Sunday night family meal, we also have a wide array of bread mixes from Rabbit Creek, some of which you can even cook directly in a flower pot which creates a very moist and succulent bread you can cut and serve to your guests. If you would like to make a salad to go with your dish, our dressings are like no other. From our Orange balsamic Dressing from Websters, to our Creamy Parmesan Peppercorn from Gourmet Gardens, or just a simple Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette from Stonewall Kitchen, we have an option for all taste buds.
Your everyday pasta meal will now become to talk of the town. Come visit us and see the wide array of options we offer!

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